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Sunday, September 5, 2010


I know some of you are going to complain..
But I swear, it's not my fault. I didn't know anything about the CSS vs 1.6 deal, how Source is bull and 1.6 is way better. I was a gullible little boy and Source looked AWESOME! SO I started playing it, and got better, and better, and then I realized Source was balls. I then tried to get into 1.6 and wouldn't you know it, the games are completely different. I couldn't stand the learning curve, so I just stuck to Source. 

There isn't much going on in the online league scene for CSS.. I mean there is ESEA and CEVO, but  everyone is growing real tired of the admins at CEVO. The poor children that play CSS can't afford ESEA, and well.. everyone at TWL sucks. CAL is back, but they are only hosting one Heroes of Newerth league? Source is dying like everyone said it would:

They just updated it to be more friendly to new people. Added stats, achievements, all of that crap. I hate the update personally, it was really worthless.

I will post a small video I made a few hours ago,
just using Windows Movie Maker. It's really not a good video at all, but I just wanted to throw one together for you guys. It's actually me in a deathmatch against one guy and a bot, haha! 


  1. Never really liked source, couldn't get into it.

  2. Write one on World of Warcraft!

  3. That's why they updated it. People like you will now get into it, lol.